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La Sirène Aromatica

Natural and organic parfums, aromatic eco-luxe soy candles and organic skincare. Olfactory region, the part of your brain that detects smell, and limbic system are linked instantaneously. Sense of smell is tied to memory and places, aromas can evoke memories, scent is the most unconscious representation of our memory. La Sirène Aromatica artisan parfums are handcrafted  with heart and soul of high grade quality essential oils and absolutes and biodynamic ingredients, which awaken and adorn the aura. Organic aromatic perfumes which are medicine for your mind body and soul. Environmentally friendly and ethically harvested and blended in New Zealand by a Clinical Aromatherapist. Translated from French La Sirène  means Mermaid, which are synonymous with beauty. Specializing in Aromatherapy products made with the finest essential oils, wild crafted and organic based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation with the intention to sooth and heal. Luxurious Spa Massage Candles made with aromatherapy blends to calm and promote well - being. Scented Soy Candles with Wooden Wicks which and Aromatic Realxing Candles and Organic Tea Blends . La Sirène Aromatica is a New Zealand based business, founded in 2008 by CEO of the company Sasha Viesnik  who is a qualified Aromatherapist since 2005 and studied at New Zealands leading school of Aromatherapy Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, started making healing aromatherapy blends and aromatic mists and has a background as a Nail Technician, Manicurist and Interior Designer. La Sirène Aromatica's  Handcrafted Artisan Botanical Soaps made with organic botanical herbs and flowers and aromatherapy and do not contain palm oil. La Sirène Aromatica skincare is cruelty free and vegan. Soy wax is cleaner burning than paraffin  which are made with petroleum emit to the environment.
Aromatic relaxing candles with La Sirène Aromatica signature blends of essential oils and Spa massage candles are a carefully blended with soy wax, the finest quality essential oils healing shea butter and rosehip oil, for a subtle nourishing balm which is skin safe. La Sirène Aromatica uses locally sourced ingredients, Pacific Sea Salt, Australian clays, New Zealand Lavender and 100% vegetable soy wax, with the finest essential oils sourced with awareness. The Soy wax used in La Sirène Aromatica candles is GM free, and kosher certified. Is cooler burning than paraffin and is skin safe.

La Sirène Aromatica's mission is to provide quality natural, sustainable skin care and soy candles, which are healthier to burn for the planet than paraffin candles. and are hand poured in New Zealand. 

* Eco-Lux
* Natural and organic
* Hand crafted in NZ
* Nourishing and soothing 
* Sourced with awareness
* GM free soy wax